Security Policy

General information
Community 1st Bank Las Vegas and you, our customer

Community 1st Bank Las Vegas understands that security is important to you. Accordingly, we have incorporated a number of steps to enhance safety and confidentiality in the transmission of private information sent over the internet.

To protect the security of your personal account information, we suggest you use either Mozilla Firefox ver. 2.0 or higher, Microsoft Internet Explorer ver. 6.0 or higher. These browser versions support the use of Secure Socket layer (SSL) encryption technology. SSL technology encodes information as it is being sent over the internet between your computer and Community 1st Bank Las Vegas. The secure connection provided by SSL helps ensure transmitted information remains confidential. This process is performed by the following items:
- Authenticating that the server you have connected to is from Community 1st Bank Las Vegas and not a third party trying to intercept the transaction.

- Creating a secure communication channel by encrypting communication between you and the Community 1st Bank Las Vegas after you have been authenticated by entering a UserID and Password.

- Calculating a cryptographic checksum to ensure data integrity between you and the Community 1st Bank Las Vegas. The checksum provides a count of the number bytes in a communication, ensures the exact number of bytes is transmitted and received, and is encrypted to prevent modification. If the communication is not received in its entirety, it is rejected and another copy is sent automatically.

Internet Explorer and Firefox both use clear visual symbols to indicate whether or not they are operating in secure mode. Depending on which browser you are using, the symbols are displayed either at the bottom left or bottom right of the browser window in the sign of a "locked" lock. Another indication that your browser is operating in secure mode can be found in the web site address. The address will begin in "https://" with the "s" indicating the web address is secure. SSL will be deployed once you log into our site with your UserID and Password and will remain in effect until you log out or move on to another site.

Never have an unsecure window open while you are processing any banking transactions with Community 1st Bank Las Vegas.

Community 1st Bank Las Vegas will rely on your password as confirmation that you have authorized all transactions conducted during an online session.

Because there are computer viruses that could be used to capture password keystrokes, you should take standard precautions to keep your computer free from viruses and always use an AntiVirus / AntiMalware Program. Please log out when you end your online session to prevent unauthorized access to your account when you are not at your computer. You will need to submit your UserID and Password before entering the site again. If you have any questions regarding your account or password, please feel free to contact by email or by telephone at (505) 425-7584.
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